Eye / Vision & The Brain

The brain is one of our most complex organ and is largely dependent on fat and nutrients in order to function. The eyes are also in need of nutrients to stay healthy. However, deteriorating eyesight often as we grow older, which is quite natural. A job in front of the computer can also make your eyes feel dry or tired. Please try our range of supplements for brain & eye!


Cawells Blueberry Extract

Blueberries reinforced with zinc contributes to normal vision. Zinc is also an antioxidant that helps protect your cells and thus your eyes. Cawells Blueberry extract contains a highly concentrated extract of Swedish blueberries and natural lutein...

Cawells Omega-3

Cawells Omega-3 fish oil consists of a carefully selected omega-3 fish oil from fish originating from clean and healthy water.  Omega-3 fish oil should be eaten daily to promote general health by contributing to a healthy heart, blood vessels, brain and eyes.


Omega-3 Forte

Cawells Omega-3 Forte is a dietary supplement with a considerably higher proportion of omega-3 than most fish oils available on the market. The fish oil is highly concentrated with a total of 70 % fatty acids.

Omega-3 Junior

Cawells Omega-3 junior fish oil consists of a carefully selected omega 3 fish oil from fish derived from clean and healthy waters the east central Atlantic

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