PET Bottle 1.5 L - Still and Lightly Carbonated
Stored in the bay with natural minerals and unique pH.

Cawells Water is a tasty water with high mineral composition and low sodium. With the alkaline pH of 8.2.

Cawells Water is the purest and healthiest water available for the body.

When you drink Cawells Water you drink a water that is ten thousand years old. It comes from a time when nature was pure and untouched, when the rain was not acid or contaminated. It seeped through the eskers and bogs, filtered and enriched with minerals. Afterwards the water has, by its own force, made its way up to the spring from where we tap the water.

Cawells Water has a unique pH and very low salinity.

Drinking Cawells Water together with a good meal is an unbeatable combination for gourmets.

Ingredients: Water with natural minerals and alkaline pH of 8.2.

Packaging Produkt no EAN code
Cawells Still Water PET bottle 1.5 L 8241 7350083382412
Cawells Lightly Carbonated PET bottle 1.5 L 8242 7350083382429
Cawells Lightly Carbonated, Lemon/Lime PET bottle 1.5 L 8243 7350083382436

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