Infant formula based on milk with special protein

Cawells Infant Formula Mom 1 is used in addition to, or replacement for breast milk as recommended by the child health center and pediatricians. Cawells Infant Formula Mom 1 covers the baby’s nutritional needs up to 6 months of age. All ingredients are organic and carefully selected for the best possible quality.

Contains Omega 3 and 6: Small children may themselves be difficult to form the long chain polyunsaturated omega-3 (DHA) and omega-6 (ARA) in sufficient quantity. Cawells infant formula Mom 1 contains the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3 (DHA) and omega-6 (ARA) and also contains nekleutider and GOS (galactooligo-saccharides / fibers). Cawells Organic Infant Formula can be consumed from birth to 6 months.

Nucleotides consist of a sugar group and a phosphate group and are the basis for the formation of DNA & RNA.
Nucleotides also play an important role in the energy storage and energy transport of cells, for example in the form of ATP, and as prosthetic groups in some enzymes, such as and luciferous.

  • Calcium, Vitamin D, Iodine and rich in Iron
  • Nucleotides
  • Unsweetened

Nutritional contentsPer 100 g Per 100 ml ( 4 measure scoops / 12,6 g )
Energy2153 kj271 kj
Energy516 kcal65,0 kcal
Fat where of 27,7 g3,5 g
- saturated8,7 g1,1 g
- monounsaturated11,7 g1,5 g
- polyunsaturated6,4 g0,80 g
- ARA (omega 6)100 mg13 mg
- DHA (omega 3)50 mg6,0 mg
Carbohydrates where of56,5 g7,1 g
- Sugars**54,6 g6,9 g
- Fiber 2,0 g0,25 g
Protein9,6 g1,2 g
Salt0,31 g0,04 g
Vitamin A639 µg80,5 µg
Vitamin D10,0 µg1,3 µg
Vitamin E7,0 mg0,88 µg
Vitamin K44,0 µg5,5 µg
Vitamin C88,0 mg11,1 mg
Tiamine0,64 mg0,08 mg
Riboflavin1,1 mg0,14 mg
Niacin5,0 mg0,62 mg
Vitamin B60,44 mg0,06 mg
Folate117 µg14,8 µg
Vitamin B122,5 µg0,32 µg
Biotin13,4 µg1,7 µg
Pantothenic acid3,2 µg0,40 µg
Potassium501 mg63,1 mg
Chloride390 mg49,1 mg
Calcium312 mg39,3 mg
Phosphorus203 mg25,6 mg
Magnesium41,4 mg5,2 mg
Iron4,9 mg0,62 mg
Zinc4,8 mg0,61 mg
Copper0,25 mg0,03 mg
Manganese122 µg15,4 µg
Fluoride≤60 µg≤7 µg
Selenium10,9 µg1,4 µg
Iodine105 µg13,2 µg
Choline65,0 mg8,2 mg
Inositol 50,0 mg6,3 mg
Taurien 15,0 mg1,9 mg
Nucleotides25,1 mg3,00 mg

** The Infant Formula has no added sugar. The sugars come from natural raw materials.

Ingredients: Lactose, vegetable oil (sunflower, coconut, rapeseed), skimmed milk powder, whey protein, galactooligosaccarides/fibers (GOS), oil from the algae C.cohnii, oil from the funghi M. alpina, choline, inositol, taurine nucleotides (adenosine 5´-monophosphate, cytidine 5´-monophosphate, guanosine 5´-monophosphate, inosine 5´-monophosphate, uridine 5´-monophosphate), minerals (sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, iodine), vitamins (A, D, E, K, C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folic acid, B12, biotin, pantothenic acid).
Packaging: 450 grams, about 3,5 liters
Product number: 8280 EAN-Code: 7350083382801
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